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Portland Discrimination Law Firm Assists Victims of Workplace Bias

Serving as a voice for Oregonians harmed by employer misconduct

Discrimination is the illegal and intentional mistreatment of a person or group based on a certain characteristic. At the Charese Rohny Law Office, LLC, we fight for workers subjected to any type of discrimination. With 16 years of experience representing mistreated workers, I have both the legal knowledge and real-world experience to see that you are compensated for your employer’s unlawful behavior.

Providing experienced counsel to combat each effect of discrimination

Even if you’re unsure whether you’ve been discriminated against in your workplace, Rohny Law can help determine if something improper occurred in regard to your:

  • Job status — In Oregon, an at-will employment state, workers can be fired at any time, for any reason, or even without a reason. However, it is illegal for an employer to make a hiring, firing or promotion decision based upon certain protected characteristics identified in federal and state law.
  • Wages and benefits — Unlawful differences in compensation along the lines of gender or other characteristics are often discussed but difficult to prove. We can investigate your situation and pursue your right to equal pay even when employers try to invent lawful excuses for the inequity.
  • Environment and culture — Employers have a duty to protect workers’ rights, and sometimes this includes making reasonable accommodations for a physically disabled employee or establishing rules to prevent offensive workplace conduct.

The effects of discrimination can be devastating if left unchecked. If you’ve been mistreated, don’t wait to get assistance.

Advocating to remove actions that unlawfully affect women in the workplace

Women are entitled to the same pay as men for the same work. Employers might try to evade this requirement by pointing to minor differences in various jobs, but substantial similarity is enough. Likewise, pregnant women are specifically protected by the law and are entitled to reasonable workplace accommodations so that they can continue to perform their job duties.

Fighting differential treatment based on race, religion and ethnicity

Differential treatment based on race, religion or national origin is prohibited in every employment situation. Rohny Law advocates forcefully for victims when violations occur. Discrimination can include reliance on certain cultural markers, such as refusing to interview someone for a job because their name indicates a particular race or ethnicity. Discrimination of this kind is also evidenced in the acceptance of offensive ethnic jokes or the refusal to allow time off for members of certain faiths to attend religious observances.

Assisting with efforts to enforce the rights of the disabled

As long as people can fulfill their job duties, discrimination based on disability is prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Depending on the situation, employers might have an affirmative responsibility under that law to make reasonable workplace adjustments to accommodate a worker. We can help you if you believe that you lost a job due to a physical or mental disability, or if your employer refuses to make minor adjustments so that you can do your job effectively.

Supporting employees who have been hurt by age discrimination

By law, Oregon employees over the age of 18 cannot be discriminated against. In cases of age discrimination, an experienced attorney is necessary to sift through the various justifications concocted by employers. Rohny Law will identity policies that might seem age-neutral but are not and sudden shifts in job responsibilities that are actually designed to push older workers out of their jobs.

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